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I’m a father of young kids, a busy professional, a Little League coach, and an avid UFO sailor.  The UFO’s simplicity and lightweight allows me to pull the boat from the garage to the beach behind my bike and rig it in just a few minutes.  A great foiling session that is 2.5 hours round trip fits well into my busy season of life.  Sailing during kids’ nap time or after knocking off work a bit early allows me to be a UFO sailor and engaged dad.  I love this boat!

Derek, California

UFO #85

I have sailed for 45 years and was attracted to foiling as a new skill to master, and besides, fast is fun!   I was looking for a foiling craft that was quick to get out on the water and durable enough to get me back home.   My UFO is kept rigged on the beach and dolly launched with the foils retracted, so it is indeed fast and easy to get on the water by myself.   It is seaworthy enough that I can sail it without a support boat, and the catamaran configuration means that even when the wind goes light, its low-riding performance will bring me home without drama.   Despite its low cost and simplicity, it never fails to delight me when the boat lifts off and the hull goes silent.

Doug, Vermont

UFO #93

Growing up on the water, I have always had a need for speed and freedom. The UFO was a perfect choice because for this because I did not have to depend on anyone to go out and have fun on the water. It gave me the opportunity to sail a boat that has the performance capability to do around 22 knots but the simplicity to rig and launch in 15 minutes. The UFO sails according to you. If you want to try foiling out step-by-step, you can do that with the adjustable ride height. If you want to push yourself and the boat like me, the UFO will never let you down. Despite sailing it for two years a few times a week, I can honestly say that I have never become bored and am always learning new techniques. The art of flying never gets old.

Otto, South Carolina

UFO #97

Learning the UFO is as fun as learning to windsurf. Getting it going on a steady flight is hard to describe but reveals a whole new world with many things to learn about wind, sails, foils and body kinetics. The UFO is great! All of the essentials and none of the fuss.

154 Jim Foiling

Jim, Florida

UFO #154

The UFO is a such a great boat.  It might be the only boat out there that allows you to get into foiling for a reasonable price!

Having sailed a lot of catamarans what I like most about the UFO is that I spend most of my time sailing, as opposed to rigging, fixing things, and otherwise fussing around.  At the end of the day it is about as simple of a setup as Newton’s laws allow.

Also support for the boat is first-rate and the training I have gotten with the Fulcrum folks has really improved my sailing.  I strongly recommend this boat to anyone that is “on the fence” about foiling or anyone who wants to join a simple, fun, and no fuss foiling class!

66 Seth Flying

Seth, Connecticut

UFO #66

We bought the ufo, because it is simple, cheap and easy to handle. With 50 kilos, it’s easy to move on the ramp even for small people or kids. And if the wind dies, we make ourselves comfortable on the platform and enjoy   going back to the harbor, lifting the foils and easy beaching. We use it as our singlehander boat and as training gear for our double handed F16 catamaran. Ufo foiling is handling power and balance, perfect for training sailing skills. Being small and light, taking it with us on the catamaran trailer is easy as well. And most guys in our sailing club have asked us for a trial ride!

In the original German: “Wir haben das ufo gekauft, weil es einfach, günstig und leicht in der Handhabung ist. Mit 50 kg ist es auch von zierlichen Personen leicht zu slippen. Wenn der Wind mal einschläft, segeln wir entspannt zum Hafen zurück und können dort ebenso entspannt anlegen, da Schwert und Ruder aufholbar sind. Wir nutzen das ufo als Zweitboot und als Trainingsgerät für unseren doppelsitzigen F16-Katamaran. Ufo Foiling ist Segeln pur und schult das Gefühl für Großschot und Segeldruck perfekt. Mit seinem geringen Gewicht und den Abmessungen passt es zusätzlich auf den Kat-Trailer. Und im Segelclub wollen es fast alle aktiven Mitglieder probesegeln!”

Thomas, Germany

UFO #9

My UFO is at Dar es Salaam Yacht Club in East Africa which is a special place for sailing. We sail all sorts of boats but for me there is nothing like a foil on my UFO called ‘Dudu’ at the end of the working day. No crew needed, no hassle from anyone, and it’s all wrapped up with a beer at sunset. What a buzz and the perfect way to de stress. My only downside is that it is remote here so I am still waiting for the next UFO to land. By the way ‘Dudu’ is ‘insect’ in Swahili which seems an apt name

Richard, Dar Es Salaam Tanzania

UFO #82

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