Foiling UFO Dinghy

What is it?!?!

UFO Poster

The UFO is a simplistic modern hydrofoiling boat, that allows anyone to fly through the air, freeing the hull from draggy water.

More stable than the International Moth – or even a child’s pram!

With a simple rig and a set of fully retractable hydrofoils, all for £10,500 inc VAT and ready to fly, the UFO makes flying attainable.

Built in the United States in high volume and quality control, the UFO maintains a one-design philosophy, creating close and exciting racing on foils!


  • Unique patented hull and rig designs
  • Stable on and above the water
  • Small footprint for carefree storage and shipping
  • Takeoff from about 8knts of wind
  • Fast, fun, easy to control foiling
  • Designed and built in the USA
  • £10,500 inc VAT and beach trolley
  • Compatible and rewarding to all skill levels
  • Lightweight for easy maneuverability
  • Solid, nearly dent-proof, hull

Boat Specifications

  • 267 cm (105 inch) waterline length plus 38 cm (15 inch) rudder gantry
  • 107 cm (67 inch) beam
  • 50 kg (110 lbs) all-up ready to sail weight
  • 7.8 sqm (84 sqft) sail
  • Steve Clark design

UFO Attack

Fun For All Ages

The wand system controlling the foils can be set to fly very high, very low (even ‘no fly mode’) and all points in between.

This means you can progressively add challenges to your UFO experience as you feel ready for them – start in ‘beginner mode’ and progress all the way to ‘extreme mode’.

Additionally, the highly tunable sail can be set up to provide only the amount of power that your body type needs, and no more.

This means that the UFO is accessible and fun for sailors of all sizes, ages and skill levels.

Merely set up the boat for your skill level and body type and go play around!

And Fun For Most Sizes!

The UFO is very broadly applicable and has flown payloads from 70 pounds – a small child – to 270 pounds – a tall (very) grown man!

The foil package just needs power to climb.

Ultra light sailors have been caught on camera flying in 5 knots of breeze while the baseline for 225 pound sailors to take off is 10 knots.

270 pounds flies in 12 knots of breeze.

Setup And Breakdown

While the boat can be left on shore with everything in place, but the sail down, that doesn’t mean the UFO isn’t easy to put together or take apart. Quite the opposite. Simplicity begets simplicity and the boat is a cinch to put together and take apart.


Being small is it’s own reward when it comes to handling the boat through all sailing experiences.

When you start to really push yourself learning to foil, there are good odds you’ll manage to capsize it.

However, the UFO is easy to right from capsizes and even full “turtle” inversions.

This last part is critical, because when catamarans are too heavy to right from turtle the only option is to make the mast float.

This though then has the unintended downside of making the boat very likely to blow away from you.

The UFO is therefore designed to stay right alongside you in the event you are separated from the boat.

Additionally, the boat possesses an uncommon “park” mode in which it will hold station of its own accord, pretty well indefinitely without external input of any kind.

The full benefits of that upside have not begun to be fully exploited!

Capsize Recovery

Full Turtle Recovery

Parked Up

Foiling At All Points Of Sail

The Fulcrum Speedworks design team strictly adhered to the axion “if there’s a point of sail (say, upwind or downwind) that it can’t always foil on, you can’t call it a foiler”.

The design team achieved their goal and the UFO is a fully flying boat on all points of sail, which drastically increases its fun-factor.


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